COACHING: Our Executive Coaching program (led by Janet Moore, a professionally trained and certified executive coach), helps professionals succeed in the global economy. Many clients seek help with business development, personal branding and communication strategies–often across cultures.

CONSULTING: We help firms, and their professionals, define and create unique, customized global rainmaking strategies–with clear, actionable steps to grow their business globally.

Customized  coaching and training programs teach professionals  the skills needed to generate more business across cultures. Topics covered include networking and marketing for business development abroad, and global personal branding.

We structure our coaching and educational training programs to meet your needs–in person, via video conference or on-line. Our core strength is teaching business professionals how to grow strong, global business relationships.

Case Study:  New Global Firm Learns to Generate More Clients Over a span of several months, we consulted with a newly-formed international service provider with offices in the United States and Europe. The firm needed more clients, but was struggling to bring them in. First, we helped the firm to define more clearly its ideal client base.  Second, we helped create and implement specific, actionable strategies targeting those specific clients in key geographic locations. The firm learned to communicate its unique strengths to prospective clients. Changes were made to marketing materials, such as the website, and to interactive methods for generating new clients. Training and coaching taught firm employees stylistic and behavioral techniques to improve client interaction–with stellar results.

Case Study:  Latin American Firm Energizes US Client Development We helped a Latin American firm to revamp its rainmaking strategy in the United States. In particular, we taught the firm specific ways to clearly and directly communicate its unique value to its potential clients. This resulted in changes to the firm’s website and marketing materials, but also in better ways to contact and build relationships with prospective US clients. Individual firm members were coached in specific communication techniques to improve the speed and effectiveness of client development.

Case Study:  US Firm Learns to Attract Chinese Clients A US-based firm asked us to advise on cultivating more clients in China.  For example, the firm needed appropriate client gifts. Our consulting project included helping them to develop culturally sensitive, engaging and unique client gifts which also successfully promoted the firm’s brand.